Riga Gold Brisling Sardines in Olive Oil with Olives & Gourmet Spices 120g
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Riga Gold

Riga Gold Brisling Sardines in Olive Oil with Olives & Gourmet Spices 120g


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Riga Gold delicatesse is a line of Gourmet Selection Brisling Sardines, lightly smoked with added top quality oils and delicious flavors that will give and instant gourmand's pleasure enjoying this product as a snack or side dish.

In tradition with over than 100 years of experience. Hand packed into an easy open peel off can.

Product of Latvia

Customer Reviews

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Great depth of flavor, high quality sardines, 5th May 2023

Reviewer: Scott McDaniel

Immediately greeted by fragrant spices upon peeling off the lid. My expectations were fairly high because Riga Gold is a great brand that sells some amazing smoked sprats. These? They're not sprats and not smoked, but they are absolutely brilliant. The brislings are a nice medium-soft texture with perfect moisture, no scales, no need for additional salt. And unlike other Mediterranean sardines you might have had before, these fillets don't fall apart easily when you grab them out of the tin.

The real draw of this tin are the "gourmet spices" as the depth of flavor easily exceeded my expectations. Ingredient list shows things like dried carrots, dried tomatoes, allspice, peppercorns, etc and I think it's the inclusion of the allspice that really brings the extra flavor. The tin had many olives (10 slices or so) as well as a ton of peppercorns (20-25). If you like sardines with Mediterranean spices, this is absolutely for you. It's clearly a notch above King Oscar Mediterranean sardines in terms of quality & flavor ... yet it's basically the same price. Strong recommendation!

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