Meet the PV Euro Market Team




Dane, a true family-oriented individual, forms one half of the brotherly team behind PV Euro Market. From the store's inception in 2004, Dane's unwavering dedication and countless hours of hard work have been instrumental in shaping it into the prosperous enterprise it is today. As a loving husband and a devoted father, he brings his family values into his business management, garnering immense respect and affection within the local community.

When you step into the store, don't hesitate to drop by and say hello – Dane will be more than pleased to welcome you! (Languages: Serbian)


Milan, the second half of the brotherly team at PV Euro Market, brings a complementary skill set to the table. With his sharp problem-solving abilities and quick thinking, he keeps the store operating seamlessly. Yet, amidst his business responsibilities, Milan remains a dedicated family man, ensuring the well-being and love for his loved ones.

Always open to new challenges and eager to grow his business, Milan has successfully taken the store to greater heights. His commitment to both his family and community is unwavering, making him a valued and active member of the local neighborhood. (Languages: Serbian)


Marko is the go-to person when you're in need of fresh beer or wine recommendations. He's more than eager to assist you in discovering your next favorite beverage or a delightful snack. Besides his dedication to customers, Marko is also pursuing a degree in political science, demonstrating his commitment to knowledge and learning. Wherever he goes, he's always open to making new friends and connections.

Next time you're in the area, be sure to visit the store and say hello to Marko. You won't be disappointed by the warm welcome you'll receive. (Languages: Serbian and German)


Allow us to introduce you to Mariana, the friendly face behind the deli counter. Her dedication is evident as she skillfully slices and ensures that everyone is served promptly. Engaging and welcoming, Mariana is always ready to brighten your day with a cheerful chat. She's one of the best in the store to give you a tour and introduce you to our offerings.

Mariana has been an integral part of the PV Euro Market team since 2010, contributing significantly to the store's development and success. She takes immense pride in showcasing the wide array of products available here. The next time you visit, don't hesitate to stop by and say hello – Mariana will be thrilled to greet you with a warm smile. (Languages: Romanian)


Cristina is the dynamic force behind the deli counter, ensuring that everything runs seamlessly at PV Euro Market. With her quick thinking and exceptional problem-solving skills, she's always ready to assist you in finding everything you need. Cristina is a wealth of deli knowledge, prepared to answer almost any question you throw her way.

Beyond her work, Cristina finds joy in working in her garden and preparing delicious meals. Her greatest pleasure, however, comes from doting on her beloved grandchildren, who often visit Grandma at work. Cristina is fluent in both Romanian and Hungarian, making her a valuable asset to the store's diverse community.


Meet Maki, our incredibly skilled go-to-pro for all positions at PV Euro Market, who's a true multitasking marvel, both in and out of the store. While maintaining her work responsibilities, Maki successfully navigated her high school graduation, prepared for nursing school, and found time to spread joy by playing with her adorable baby nephew. She's a dedicated individual who strives to make the world a better place.

Don't miss the chance to say hello the next time you're in need of something sliced at the deli or when you come across a post on any of our social media pages. Maki is always ready to assist and brighten your day. (Languages: Serbian)


Make sure to plan a visit to PV Euro Market during the summer and winter holidays to meet Ally, who can often be found at the front of our store. While she's not away at college, diligently working towards her dental hygiene degree, Ally joins our team at PV Euro Market. Her presence brings a delightful and hardworking spirit that's genuinely missed when she's away.

Feel free to approach Ally with any questions; she's always ready to guide you in the right direction, offer valuable advice, and brighten your day with her sunny disposition. Your experience at the store is sure to be enriched with Ally's warm and helpful presence.


Dejan is a valuable helping hand at PV Euro Market. He's the go-to person to guide you through the store, offer mouthwatering snack recommendations, or lend a hand in reaching items from the top shelf. When he's not dedicating his hard work to packaging online orders in our Web Order Department, Dejan is putting his math skills to the test in his engineering classes and enjoying his passion for soccer.

Dejan's quick smile and warm demeanor add an extra layer of enjoyment to your shopping experience at PV Euro Market. Running into him is always a pleasant and friendly encounter, making your visit all the more enjoyable. (Languages: Serbian)