Radenska Sparkling Mineral Water 1.5L
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Radenska Sparkling Mineral Water 1.5L


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In deep depths of Earth, far from pollution, and under special geological conditions over the years, decades and centuries, a very special gift of nature has been continuously produced. Radenska Classic Water boasts a rich content and an excellent combination of diluted mineral substances, as well as natural carbon dioxide bubbles.

Radenska is the top-selling water in Slovenia. this product is loved by all!

Product of Slovenia

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Bright and Refreshing, 18th Mar 2024

Reviewer: James E Fisher

Radenska comes from Slovenia, in a part of the world where mineral water is as prized as vodka—and every bit the source of national pride. Radenska has a high mineral content and soft bubbles that clear the palate with its brightness. It’s naturally sparkling, thanks to volcanic activity in the shallow water where it’s sourced. The taste is definitely mineraly, but balanced, and pairs great with food. The bubbles fill your whole mouth, sparkling lightly on the insides of your cheeks and down your throat. It is literally refreshing. On social media people from around Slovenia and the Baltics profess that this region makes the best sparkling water in the world.

In the past, Radenska was valued abroad: this natural mineral water from Radenska was the exclusive water of the imperial court in Vienna and the papal court in the Vatican.

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