Kelemen Homemade Broad Noodles 285g
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Kelemen Homemade Broad Noodles 285g


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In Hungary, there is a special place for traditional egg noodles at virtually every meal - from breakfast through dinner and dessert. With hundreds of shapes to choose from, Hungarian egg noodles are a source of national pride, inextricably linked to the country’s cuisine and culture. While Italian pasta is made with Durum wheat semolina and water, Hungarian egg noodles are made exclusively with wheat flour and eggs. Kelemen Homemade Broad Large Square Egg Noodles are hand crafted – with select fresh eggs and enriched Hungarian wheat flour. In Hungary, these delicate and versatile square noodles are featured in many delicious national dishes. Considered comfort food in Hungary, “Kaposztás Tészta” is a noodle dish made with grated white cabbage sautéed in butter with onions, sometimes served with bacon or mushrooms. “Túrós Csusza” is a noodle casserole made with quark and melted butter, topped with chopped pieces crispy bacon and sour cream. Kelemen Homemade Broad Large Square Egg Noodles are also a wonderful choice for classic Hungarian noodle dish made with poppy seeds, butter and sugar. If you love a traditional Jewish Noodle Kugel, you can’t go wrong with our noodles. Any recipe calling for large square egg noodles will shine with authentic Kelemen Homemade Broad Large Square Egg Noodles!

Made with selected fresh eggs and rich Hungarian wheat flour, Kelemen Homemade Broad Egg noodles are the perfect addition to a delicious hot soup. With an extra short cooking time of onlu 2-3 minutes, they are perfect for any quick meal on a busy day.

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