Borjomi Natural Sparkling Mineral Water 500ml Glass Bottle
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Borjomi Natural Sparkling Mineral Water 500ml Glass Bottle


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Borjomi water is sourced from a 1,500 year old volcanic spring where the natural pressure of carbon dioxide pushes water to the surface from 10km underground.

Unlike many sodium bicarbonate waters, Borjomi spring water does not have to time to cool before reaching the surface at a temperature of 38-41oC. On its journey upwards, the rocks of the Caucasian mountains enrich the water with over 60 different mineral compounds. Research has found that deep mineralised waters, fresh waters and weakly mineralised waters form Borjomi spring water.

There are several theories as to how water materialises in the depths of the earth. The earliest is infiltration theory, which was introduced by a Roman architect named Marcus Vitruvius Pollio and is still in use by scientists today. According to this theory, atmospheric precipitation produces water underground (ground water), which infiltrates to the surface through cracks in the rock.

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