Mondelez Delicje Strawberry 147g
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Mondelez Delicje Strawberry 147g


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Delicje are a brand of fluffy biscuits filled with fruit jelly and covered with delectable chocolate. Available in five different flavors: Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Apricot, and Orange. Produced continuously (despite changes in ownership) since 1976 at a factory in Plonsk, Poland. The actual manufacturer being LU Poland, a subsidiary of the Polish branch of the company Mondelez International. The product originated with the famous Polish confectioner E. Wedel.

Delicje are an exceptional delight made according to a perfected recipe. Unchanged for 35 years, Delicje are a Polish delicacy popularized all over Europe. The combination of fruit jelly, fluffy biscuit, and fragile dessert chocolate is an indulgent combination - made in 5 enjoyable flavors to suit your liking, such as Strawberry, Orange, Cherry, Raspberry, and Apricot.

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Absolutely everything I bought was delicious., 29th Nov 2021

Reviewer: Kate Rollins

Absolutely everything I bought was delicious.

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