Kolinska Argeta Spicy Chicken Pate 95g
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Kolinska Argeta Spicy Chicken Pate 95g


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Introducing Argeta Spicy Chicken Pate, a tantalizing fusion of flavors crafted in the heart of the United States. Made with the finest quality ingredients, this pate offers a bold and zesty twist on a classic favorite, perfect for those who crave a little extra kick in their culinary adventures.

Argeta Spicy Chicken Pate features premium chicken meat, expertly seasoned with a blend of fiery spices and herbs to create a flavor sensation that's both robust and satisfying. Each bite delivers a burst of heat and intensity, balanced perfectly with the rich and creamy texture of the pate.

Versatile and convenient, Argeta Spicy Chicken Pate is the perfect addition to any meal or snack. Spread it generously on crackers or crusty bread for a quick and delicious appetizer, or use it as a flavorful topping for sandwiches and wraps. Its bold flavor profile also makes it a standout ingredient in dips, sauces, and savory pastries.

Experience the fiery allure of Argeta Spicy Chicken Pate and elevate your culinary creations to new heights. Made with care and dedication in the USA, it's the perfect choice for those who crave bold and adventurous flavors in every bite.

Ingredients: Mechanically separated chicken, water, canola oil, chicken broth, milk proteins (sodium caseinate, whey), potato starch, defatted soy flour, salt, dry bell peppers, spices, autolyzed yeast extract, chili extract, and paprila oleoresin (color).

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